Pakistani football fans are thrilled with joy as the they celebrate as the FIFA World Cup(tm) Trophy is an journey to Lahore on the 7th of June

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The 2022 FIFA World Cup(tm) Trophy Tour by Coca-Cola that began at the end of May, 2022 will finally arrive in Pakistan on the 7th of June.


It is expected that the FIFA World Cup(tm) Trophy Tour by Coca-Cola which began the World Tour on May 12 2022, will be in Pakistan on the 7th of June. Previous FIFA World Cup(tm) winners Iker Casillas and Kaka were joined in Dubai to present the original FIFA World Cup(tm) Trophy on its travels around the globe in anticipation of the finals later this year. It will encompass all 32 qualifying nations for the first time.

The FIFA World Cup(tm) Trophy is awarded to winners of the FIFA World Cup(tm) and remains in the FIFA’s possession. Made of gold that is solid and weighs 6.142 kilograms The trophy features two people with the globe in the air. Its current design dates back to 1974.

It is among the top well-known sports icons in the world and a cherished icon of the FIFA World Cup(tm) Trophy can only be held and touched by a select group of individuals, which includes the former participants of FIFA’s World Cup(tm) and heads of state.

Since the regulations stipulate that the trophy’s origin remains in FIFA’s possession and is not able to be purchased outright The team that has won this tournament FIFA World Cup(tm) keeps the original trophy for a brief period, and is permanently awarded the tournament’s edition trophy, known as the FIFA World Cup(tm) Winner’s Trophy (which is gold-plated rather than solid goldand is it is engraved with the year of the event hosting country, the winning team and the winner of the particular tournament).

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The fifth FIFA World Cup(tm) Trophy Tour by Coca-Cola and lets Pakistani supporters to view football’s most prized prize in person, which adds more excitement football’s biggest spectacle known as that of the FIFA World Cup(tm). Pakistan is among the 51 nations that will be participating in this years FIFA World Cup(tm) Trophy Tour will travel to. Along with FIFA, Coca-Cola is aiming to visit all 211 FIFA member associations by the year 2030.


“Sports brings communities and nations together and at Coca-Cola, we are delighted to champion this spirit of unity,” said Fahad Ashraf, Vice-President at Coca-Cola Pakistan Afghanistan.

FIFA World Cup winner and legendary footballer Christian Karembeu will once more be a part of the trophy, just as Christian Karembeu did during the Pakistan portion of the Trophy Tour in 2018.

IN 2018 Football world cup held in Russia and the winner is France. Last time in Lahore the former sports minister of Punjab Jahangir Khanzada and Malik Nadeem Kamran Welcomed the trophy in 2018.
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