MoU that was signed by PITB as well as Faysal Bank to facilitate Pakistani freelancers

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Pakistani freelancers

Faysal Bank will cooperate with PITB in order to boost the experience of freelancers in Pakistan.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed by Punjab Information and Technology Board (PITB) and Faysal Bank Limited on Wednesday. The principal goal in this MoU is to help local freelancers.

In accordance with the MoU, Faysal Bank will work with PITB to improve the experience of freelancers in Pakistan. They will undertake initiatives and initiatives to assist Pakistani freelancers, including the opening of Digital Freelancer Accounts for the freelancers.

The MoU ceremony was held in The Arfa Technology Park located in Lahore. This MoU is signed between PITB Director General of electronic Governance Sajid Latif and Faysal Bank Director CIBG Ali Waqar.

Other senior officials were also in attendance at the event such as State Bank of Pakistan’s Executive Office Ali Atta, Payonner’s Country Manager Mohsin Muzzafar and the PITB’s JD Freelancing Wing Ahmad Islam.

Faysal Bank to facilitate Pakistani freelancers

Faysal Bank will offer Digital Freelancer Accounts to freelancers affiliated with the PITB The Pakistani lender will be collaborating with PITB in various tech-related events that are hosted by PITB to help the freelancers in Pakistan.

Additionally, PITB will get partner privileges from Faysal Bank and will also permit Freelancers to access more work.

PITB has played an important contribution to the development of Pakistani freelancers by offering an efficient and effective training program as well as cutting-edge opportunities since the beginning of last year.

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