5 reasons you must invest money in Ukraine start-ups coming from Ukraine

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invest money in Ukraine

More than thirty-three months Ukraine is awash in midst of conflict with Russia. This could be an alarming sign from an investor’s the vantage point, but it’s not as simple as that in Ukraine’s tech sector.(invest money in Ukraine)

Tech firms that have Ukrainian roots and primary markets within Europe, the U.S. and Europe continue to run without interruption, after ensuring that their staff as well as their data are safe outside or within the western region of Ukraine. Foreign embassies have returned to Kyiv and indicating that the capital city is likely to be secure enough for businesses to open offices.

IT companies have proven their endurance and capability to achieve results even under the toughest of situations. It is among the reasons that help make Ukraine an excellent hub for the next unicorns.

Let’s examine the five benefits of invest money in Ukraine.

They have demonstrated their capacity to stand up to the pressure of a crisis

The Ukrainian IT industry has displayed remarkable resilience, flexibility and the ability to endure any kind of weather during the wartime. With emergency plans prepared ahead of time, many tech firms swiftly relocated their staff to safe areas during the early days of war, or even before battles began.

Today, many businesses have distributed their staff between offices in western Ukraine as well as abroad to ensure that operations are uninterrupted. They have managed to reduce the risk, while ensuring control and access to the workforce.

A majority Ukrainian tech startups are employing

About 90% of IT experts haven’t noticed any shifts in their work or their workload since the outbreak of war in a study conducted by DOU. This suggests that Ukrainian IT firms have solid cushioning.

In addition They continue to employ skilled workers to aid their businesses and to help the economy. The IT industry is the third-largest source in foreign exchange to the economy of the country and this makes the sector crucial to economic stability.

Since the growth of the IT sector is crucial to the sustainability of GDP growth in the country The government is fully supportive of it. As an example, during conflict, the safe areas in western Ukraine were transformed into centers for IT firms.

Ukraine has a vast talent pool

Ukraine is among the most well-known locations for the development of IT. It’s also where EPAM, Luxoft and other outsourcing giants have brought together many business analysts, software engineers and other technical experts.(invest money in Ukraine)

The amount of IT specialists has also grown consistently over the past 10 years. For instance, in the first quarter in 2021 the largest 50 Ukrainian IT firms increased their workforce by 10,000 specialists. In addition, it is home to several tech startups which are leading their respective industries -for example, Jiji, Taimi, Reface, MacPaw and Headway, just to mention a few.

Startups are essential to creating a new type of tech companies in Ukraine

Ukrainians would like to go home, and a few have already returned. Of the seven million Ukrainians who left the country from the beginning of the conflict, 2 millions are now back and a lot others are on their road to return. The Ukrainians are showing they are prepared to put in the effort to rebuild Ukraine.

Another factor to take into consideration is the fact that the entire world is assisting Ukraine economically by providing a vital resource to support an economic recovery. Take that together with Ukrainians who are willing to strive to be better citizens in their home country and you have positive prospects for post-war growth.

Today’s startups will serve as an important foundation for a brand new generation of tech companies which will bring significant benefits to Ukrainian economy.(invest money in Ukraine)

Ukraine investment

Ukraine is cost-effective for building tech companies.

Ukraine is among the most ideal countries to run technology-related businesses due to the tax system that is cost-effective for IT-related companies as well as its the cost of living according to research conducted by Doing Business..

The country also has an excellent education system that allows for the study of mathematics, tech as well as finance and economics. Due to the increasing demand for IT experts, many big corporations have started to establish their own education centers and hosting internships. The trend has been growing momentum.

The whole world is behind Ukraine

Ukraine has been a marginalized country in Europe for quite a while as it was denied financial resources required to be on the same level with its developed neighbors. In the end, many bootstrapped tech businesses are growing quickly with no external capital.

This has enabled founders to be focused when it comes to distributing funds or scaling operations to their clients in other countries. This combination of focus on exports and discipline is an guaranteed combination for sustainable growth. This also provides a great potential for growth that can be enhanced through investment.(invest money in Ukraine)

While at the same time that Ukraine’s international partners are providing the resources needed for the country’s economic recovery which means that companies will enjoy even greater potential for worldwide expansion. The EU is demonstrating total in solidarity with Ukraine not just by offering its citizens the necessary financial, political, and human aid, but also through creating the Ukraine Solidarity Trust Fund for reconstruction of Ukraine following the conflict.

The current influx of foreign investment, a tax-friendly regime, and a solid base of talent, combined with the Ukrainian people’s desire to go back to their country is what makes Ukrainian businesses attractive potential investment targets.

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