Google executive claims Instagram as well as TikTok are taking over Google’s main services, Search and Maps

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Google executive claims Instagram as well as TikTok are taking over Google's main services, Search and Maps

There’s a reason why the TikTok menace to Google’s business isn’t only limited only to YouTube as it is revealed. It’s also affecting the core Google services, like Search and Maps, are also being affected by the increasing use of video and social media as the first step in the path of younger users to discovering as according to a Google executive acknowledged today in a speech at an industry conference.

Senior Vice President Prabhakar Raghavan, who oversees the Google Knowledge & Information organization, made reference to the social media apps that are so popular in a wider discussion during Forbes’ Brainstorm Tech conference about the future of Google’s products as well as the use it makes of AI.

In a conversation about the development of searches, the man casually mentioned that users of younger ages were frequently turning to apps such as Instagram as well as TikTok in place of Google Search or Maps for exploration purposes.Also Read

They don’t typically search for keywords, but instead seek out new and more engaging ways, he added.

“In our studies, something like almost 40% of young people, when they’re looking for a place for lunch, they don’t go to Google Maps or Search,” he added. “They go to TikTok or Instagram.”

The numbers are surprising, we have to admit. Google confirmed to us that his remarks were the result of internal research, which involved an investigation that included U.S. users, ages 18-24. The information hasn’t yet been released to the public We’ve been told, however it is likely to be added later to Google’s site for competition along with other statistics including the fact that 55% of all searches on products start with Amazon for instance.

Although older internet users might not be able their heads around using an app for social media to find a restaurant this type of trend could impact Google’s main business of searching and discovery in the future — and the advertisements that are marketed against these types of searches. Although younger internet users might eventually start a maps application to help navigate but this information suggests they do not necessarily begin their journey through Google or Google Maps anymore. That’s a reference to everything Google has done over time to curate, organize and suggest businessessuch as local businesses – for example, local restaurants and the creation of tools for discovery within Google Maps — may be lost to younger users of the internet.

Raghavan also stated that younger people are generally attracted to greater “visually rich forms” of exploration and discovery, and this wasn’t only restricted to eating places.

He pointed out that younger generation of users today have never even seen an actual map (oof it, how that makes us look old! ) Maps products are designed to look similar to the paper map that’s “stuck on the phone.” This isn’t in line with young people’s expectations and is not the best experience to provide users, he added.

“We have to conjure up completely new expectations and that takes altogether new … technology underpinnings,” Raghavan said.

For example, Google Maps is now incorporating augmented realities to assist users in locating themselves in their surroundings instead of having users figure out what direction to take using the flashing blue dots across the display. Google also recently unveiled other enhancements for Google Maps at its developer conference Google I/O, where it showcased new 3D modes and in-depth views and other features and features that also transform Maps more than just an electronic version of the paper map.

Raghavan also said that younger people’s need for visual content will modify Google Search. He believes this is part of the ongoing review of Search but. In the past, he said that web users input a couple of simple keywords into search engines and get a list blue links. Then, search engines were capable of comprehending natural language and included capabilities to handle queries made by voice. In certain countries, voice is now the main driver of 30 percent of all queries, an executive noted, since the new users of the internet didn’t think about typing.

The moment is now, Google is looking toward mixing text and images in it envisions a future in which users hold up their smartphone — or use AR glasses to begin the search process according to what they see.

However, in the meantime, Google has to contend with the fact that it’s no longer users’ primary destination when they’re trying to find new locations or sources of information.

The trend, as it turns out became so prominent that Google announced in the fall of last year that it was making deals to permit its users to include Instagram as well as TikTok videos on Search. It’s possible to see the progress being made by searching for a keyword , followed by “TikTok” and Google will show rows of results from TikTok videos, before you’ll be able to see any normal web pages.

However, Google has also began to utilize AI to analyse videos posted on the internet and guide users to more rich result pages, Raghavan said.

For example, if look up on how to change the tire on Google and it shows you the results, it will display video results. In addition, Google is able to utilize AI to analyse the different sections of the video so that users can skip to the section where it will explain what to do in order to release the lug nuts, or lift the tire. The company is working hard to enhance its understanding and analysis of videos as good as document analysis, Raghavan said.

However, he said “getting that level of deeper understanding is a journey we’re still on.”

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