Elon Musk urges for the Twitter trial next year to begin

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Elon Musk urges for the Twitter

Twitter is pressing for a quick trial. Elon Musk’s lawyers are trying to slow down the process.

The lawsuit filed by Twitter against its owner claimed that Musk would need only four days to show that the court should order him to fulfill his $44 billion agreement. Twitter took Tesla CEO and SpaceX CEO to task in the lawsuit. This was not only for trying to backtrack from the deal, but for dragging the social media network through the mud.

Twitter was likely fed up with the drama and requested that the trial be accelerated with a September start date. Also Read

Musk’s legal team responded on Friday by claiming that the case would require “forensic review” and analysis of a large pool of data. This refers to his argument Twitter undercounts spam accounts and other fake accounts. Bloomberg has reported Musk’s new filing.

Team Musk aims for a February 13th, 2023 trial date. Bloomberg describes this as “an extremely fast schedule for a case like this immense magnitude.”

Musk’s legal team stated that Twitter’s “sudden request for warp speeds after two months’ worth of foot-dragging, obfuscation” was its latest tactic to hide the truth about spam accounts long sufficient to railroad defendants into closure. Although it is time-consuming to analyze Twitter’s bot population, the filing states that this is essential in determining the value of Twitter.

We will learn more about the timeline for the trial on July 19, when a judge will decide if the case should proceed.

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