Google will pause all hiring for 2 weeks

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Google will pause all hiring for 2 weeks

According to an article published earlier today by The Information, Google announced that they would be implementing a two-week hiring freeze.

The company had announced last week that they would slow down their hiring process for this year in order to reevaluate their overall hiring process. According to reports, the company has hired nearly 10,000 people in Q2 alone. Full-quarter results are expected to drop on July 26,

Prabhakar Raghavan (senior vice president at Google), said, “We’ll use that time to review our headscount needs and align upon a new set of prioritized staffing requests for the next three month,” in an email procure from The Information.

Although the freeze wouldn’t affect any offers made to date, it would halt future extensions of contracts.

Google’s decision aligns with last week’s internal memo (published by the Verge), where CEO Sundar Pichai stated that the company wants to be “more entrepreneurial” as well as re-deploy its resources in higher-priority areas.

Sundar stated that we will slow down hiring for the remainder of the year. To help teams prioritize their roles, and to plan for hiring for the remainder of the year, we are suspending all new offers for two more weeks,” a Google spokesperson said to via email.

Similar actions have been taken at other tech companies, with some imposing hiring freezes and even laying off employees.

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, reportedly stopped hiring in some engineering departments and made cuts across the company. Mark Zuckerberg , CEO of Meta, told employees that there would be fewer resources and that employees would need to be prepared to do more work.

Similar to Twitter, Twitter issued an initial hiring freeze and then laid off 30% its talent acquisition team two month later.

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