A 10-year-old YouTuber from Pakistan becomes the first to receive the Diamond Play Button.

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A 10-year-old YouTuber from Pakistan becomes the first to receive the Diamond Play Button

Musa Tanveer, 10, is the first YouTuber from Pakistan to receive a Diamond Play Button. Tanveer is the only YouTuber from Pakistan to achieve this milestone and one of the youngest to do so. The trophy is given to users who reach 10 million subscribers on the network.

Tanveer joined YouTube in April 2013 and now has 471 videos with over 2.8 billion views overall. In addition to having several other YouTube channels, including Musa in Shorts and Musa in Live, he has been uploading videos for three years. He creates stuff, is an artist, an actor, and a model.
His primary channel, Entertainment with Musa, primarily focuses on kid-friendly skits and mini-episodes that resemble TV shows. While some of his previous movies have received several million views each, his most recent ones have only received a few hundred thousand.
He currently resides in Dubai but is from Lahore initially. He began by posting videos to TikTok, but owing to his youth, the platform eventually deleted his account. But despite this, he continued to publish footage by simply switching to YouTube. He also has hundreds of thousands of fans on his Facebook and Instagram pages.
the YouTube ads
YouTube recently began testing a new ad model that will display up to 5 brief adverts at the beginning of a video rather than the customary 2. As the video-sharing platform runs its open test, many of users online have already begun to notice this change.
In order to reach a larger audience and increase brand exposure, bumper ads—shorter advertisements—will only be displayed under the new ad model, according to YouTube. YouTube is poised to get even more infuriating, however it’s unclear when this change will apply to everyone.

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