Two new virtual worlds from Walmart are coming to Roblox for the first time to engage young customers.

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Walmart are coming to Roblox

Today, Walmart declared that it would be entering the metaverse with two new Roblox experiences called “Walmart Land” and “Universe of Play.” The Roblox gamers may play games with toys and characters, earn toys from a blimp, go to live concerts, compete in fashion shows, and more in the virtual worlds that are targeted at younger Walmart customers.

The retail establishment is experimenting for the first time with virtual worlds in an effort to connect with Generation Alpha and Gen Z, the next wave of consumers.
Walmart has tried other virtual tech before, such as its new AI-powered virtual try-on technology.

William White, chief marketing officer of Walmart United State., said in a statement, “This is another step of reaching our customers in unexpected ways and in the places where they’re spending their time. We are excited to be one of the first major retailers to do this.”

Other retailers on Roblox include Nike with “Nikeland,” American Eagle Outfitters and Ralph Lauren. However, major retailer Walmart appears to be making the biggest effort with Roblox.

“I think that Walmart showing up in this way is just another example of how we’re thinking about what’s next, how we’re reimagining unique, innovative ways to engage with our customers,” White added.
Beginning with Walmart Land, Roblox users will join a vibrant amusement park with a Ferris wheel, slides, beaches, and other features themed by Walmart. Six branches with various themes and activities radiate out from the island’s circle-shaped centre, which is shaped like the Walmart logo.

There are four branches/sections that are currently empty and have “Coming Soon” signs on them. The “isles” will open in November, according to Walmart, with the opening of the other two set for the beginning of 2023.

Players can exchange tokens for “verch,” or virtual goods, such as clothing, accessories, and electronics like Skullcandy headphones and a selfie ring light, in the central hub’s Hub Store. When they initially arrive, players are given a bucket hat from Walmart.
The location of the prize-dropping balloon is also the primary centre. The top of the screen has a timer for the following drop.

A player can also ride a monorail through the virtual environment to get a bird’s eye view of everything.

The “House of Style” area in Walmart Land is where players may put their fashion knowledge to the test. Players can try games like “Strike a Pose,” where they must imitate a mannequin’s pose, “Manicure Challenge,” where they must match nail polish colours, and a photo booth where they can try on costumes and take pictures of their avatar. A roller skating rink and a cosmetic obstacle course are also there.
Players at “Electric Island” get access to a variety of activities, including the “Dance Off” competition, “Electric Fest” live performances by well-known artists, and even Netflix Trivia, which is hosted by Noah Schnapp, who played Will in “Stranger Things.”

According to Walmart’s statement, “Electric Fest” will start in October. On October 7, musicians Madison Beer, Kane Brown, and YUNGBLUD will perform at the inaugural motion-capture concert.

Madison Beer, a well-known musician and YouTube personality, would undoubtedly attract admirers to Roblox.

Young hip-hop singer Doechii was just presented as the first artist to appear on Planet Hip-Hop, Spotify’s new Roblox experience.
Comparing Spotify Island to Walmart’s “Electric Island,” similar features may be seen.

In the game “DJ Booth Remix,” players in Walmart Land can create beats by pressing various keys on a keyboard, each of which plays a different note. We found the piano sounds to become a little grating after playing the game for a bit.

This is comparable to Spotify Island’s trampoline, where users can interact with various sounds. Within Spotify’s Planet Hip-Hop, users may also play DJ.
For far younger players, there is Walmart’s Universe of Play. It includes products like L.O.L Surprise!, Magic Mixies, “Jurassic World” dino eggs, and Razor scooters in addition to the well-known children’s TV show “PAW Patrol.” The blimp from Walmart Land will also be present in Universe of Play.

Hunting for lost dinosaur eggs, assisting the PAW Patrol squad in locating Mayor Goodway’s pet chicken, Chickaletta, staging your L.O.L Surprise! fashion show, and making a Magic Mixie are some of the tasks and pursuits in this planet. Additionally, using a Razor scooter, players can travel along a track in the air.
On, the fresh Walmart experiences are already available. Any device, including PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Amazon devices, Xbox, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive, can be used to play it.

Over 52 million people use Roblox every day, and the game is intended for those who are at least nine years old. The gaming site only recently published age restrictions for users 13 and older.

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