A increasing push to make devices easier to repair is led by Framework.

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make devices easier to repair is led by Framework

Some people have chosen to do this, while others have had their decisions influenced by the impending right to repair legislation around the world. Without sacrificing the finished product, Framework, like Fairphone, is making it a guiding principle of its technology (see Devin’s evaluation here).

The company today announced the inclusion of a refurbished programme, which would make its laptops and componentry accessible for a discounted secondhand price, as another step in the process of recycling consumer trash.
The Laptop DIY enhancements, three Intel processors, and an expansion card pack are included in the program’s introduction today. All of those are presently accessible to customers in the United States and Canada. Later on, the list will be expanded to include more components.

The business adds:

Typically, refurbished laptops and modules begin with the few returns we receive under our 30-day return policy. Any components that don’t match our standards are then replaced after comprehensive testing and cleaning at our service facility in New Jersey. We also have repair centres in Europe and Australia that can refurbish items to a similar standard, but because of the low number of returns, we haven’t been able to create refurbished inventory for sale.
The same warranty applies to new and refurbished parts, according to the business.

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