5G new launch date in Pakistan

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5G new launch date in Pakistan

Pakistan’s rollout of 5G is getting postponed. It was initially planned to be deployed in early 2023, however that date was quickly postponed. Syed Amin ul Haq, the minister of information technology and telecommunications, states that after being postponed until June 2023 until March 2023, we can now anticipate it in July 2023.

The IT Minister promised that the effort will significantly increase exports and the IT industry as he announced the revised date. At a ceremony for the UBIT Career Fest 2022, which was put on by the University of Karachi’s Department of Computer Science, he made the announcement. He continued by saying he is certain the new date would be reached any further delay.
When compared to exports from other industries, the minister noted that the IT sector’s exports had expanded dramatically.

Our IT sector has already experienced rapid expansion. The IT and telecommunications sector has experienced the greatest increase in exports when compared to Pakistan’s other 43 ministries. Over the past few years, the exports of other ministries barely climbed by 2 to 3%, however at that same time, the exports of IT and telecom increased by 47.44%. It illustrates the promise that must be realized.

In addition, he stated that the business community and academic institutions might assist in preparing graduates of IT programs to take advantage of the expanding opportunities provided by IT firms. Additionally, the government is supporting IT startups with substantial funding rounds of around $373 million.
The development of stable and dependable 5G is still a challenge for many nations. It is yet unclear how Pakistan’s 5G mobile network will fare, since regions like the UK continue to have subpar 5G services in many locations. A grain of salt should also be used when considering the July launch date.

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